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Set in "Private Tensho Gakuen" built in the huge school city group Slive Central,

The daily life of the students who go there and the youth that occurs in the school and the singing drama story! Students and teachers of "Private Tensho Gakuen" sing popular vocaloid songs in the SNS scene Please enjoy the genre that I tried to sing with the drama.

Private Tensho Gakuen

One of the schools established in the Slive Central 7th School District.

Due to the school's style of importance on autonomy, students are allowed to do free activities in club activities and extracurricular classes.

In addition, as an unusual system of the school, There is a system in which you can earn club activity points by participating in the results of club activities and school events. Club activities that maintain high points receive a variety of privileges.

In addition, there is "Tensho Gakuen Singing Contest", one of the major events held regularly, When you win the contest, you will be given points for your club, so it is very popular in the school and there are many contestants. Therefore, each member of each department is aiming for the championship.

Live Central

A huge wall covers the surroundings, and it is separated from the outside world, and the special district of the education which achieved original development.

There are 500,000 residents, 160,000 of whom are students from some kind of educational institution.

The special district is divided into ten school districts, and each school district has a school that is a symbol, It is called the garden of learning.

1st School District

The only of the 10 school districts is a sandy beach.

Therefore, it is a popular school district in the training camp etc. of the club activity.

5th School District

The school district where Sakakinoki sogo gakuen is located, the stage of "Hanjyuku girls".

Women are self-governing and men are off limits in most places.

A series of popular female voice actors singing Vocaloid songs.

Seventh School District

A school district where the private school Tensho is located.

One of the few contacts with the outside world is the East School Gate, which is a very lively school district.

9th School District

In the school district, where the most of the research is conducted, the content of the research cannot be known to the outside at all.