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Chiguma Marume (丸目 千熊 Marume Chiguma) is a 3rd year in class B, the president of the Archaeology Club and a member of Aikido Club.


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Chiguma has short green hair that is swept to the left and green eyes.

Chiguma wears a dark blue suit with a blue tie, a white undershirt, teal pants and black-white shoes.


Chiguma is a calm, reliable, mysterious, cool, smart and an amazing singer that he even has his own fanclub.

Despite all this, he is secretly an otaku who always playing games in his phones, even complaining when he can't get a certain character in a gacha game and he has no clue how to socialize, especially with girls.

Story Introduction

Episode 3 - Dolente

Wearing his aikido garb, he explains to Saku what it is.


Kai Akizuki

Mike Enjoji

Washiho Usuki

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Likes and Interests

  • Hamburgers
  • Anime games


  • "I'm playing a game." (To Uta Outa)
  • "Shido, I don't think you should be peeking under girls' skirts like that." (To Minori Shido)
  • "Okay, that's enough of this silly conversation." (To Kai Akizuki and Mike Enjoji)
  • "This will be our first time going to the 9th ward. I'm so excited!" (To Kai and Mike)
  • "I'll have our club think of something, too." (To Mitsuki Akika)


  • The name Chiguma means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "bear" (熊) (kuma/guma).
  • Chiguma's surname Marume means "round, circle, purity" (丸) (maru) and "eye, ogle" (目) (me).


  • Due to having great reflexes and a talent for music, Chiguma is admired by many female students.
    • However, he secretly has an attraction to anime girls.
  • Chiguma is always playing games on his smartphone.