Gin Kunishima (国島 銀 Kunishima Gin) is a 1st year in class C and a member of the Going-Home Club.

Appearance Edit

Gin Kunishima
Gin has black hair that features three sand-colored streaks in the front, dark blue eyes and short gray bushy eyebrows.

He wears the navy blue school uniform jacket unbuttoned, with the red tie loose over his white undershirt.

In addition he wears brown chequered pants, white socks and laceless shoes.

Personality Edit

Gin is a rather laid-back person who prefers to stand back and watch things happen rather than do it himself, as shown by being part of the Going-Home Club.

If needed he will work, but he will only do it if it is extremely necessary.

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Gin Kunishima Image Gallery

Likes and Interest Edit

  • French Fries
  • Comedy

Etymology Edit

  • The name Gin means "silver" (銀).
  • Gin's surname Kunishima means "country" (国) (kuni) and "island" (島) (shima).
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