Hajime Kiriyama (霧山 一 Kazukazu Kiriyama) is a 1st year in class A and a member of the Beautification Club.

Appearance Edit

Hajime Kiriyama
Hajime has orange brown hair, olive eyes and thich eyebrows.

Hajime wears his navy blue jacket buttoned together over his white shirt and red tie. He also wears brown chequered pants and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Like Masaru Gohonmatsu, Hajime is a very loyal 1st year student to his club's president who will gladly follow any of Rei's order, even helping carrying his senpai around to force him to do his chores.

While he may not look like, his very physically strong and his often in charge of the heavy work within the club.

Story Edit

Not much is known about Hajime, but he is the eldest son in his large family and he is very good in taking care of his younger siblings.

Relationships Edit

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Likes and Interests Edit

  • Tomato
  • Classic Contrabass

Etymology Edit

  • The name Hajime means "one" (一).
  • Hajime's surname Kiriyama means "fog" (霧) (kiri) and "mountain, hill" (山) (yama).
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