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Hozumi Uozu (魚津 穂積 Uozu Hozumi) is a 2nd year in class B and the ace member of the Swimming Club, which is the reason his club has any medals and reputation.


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Hozumi has shortish metallic blue hair that has fringes unevenly styled across the left side of his forehead, brown eyes and long eyebrows.

In terms of attire, he wears his navy blue jacket unbuttoned over a white undershirt, over an orange shirt underneath that. His pants are dark green in a chequered pattern and Hozumi wears orange laced sneakers.


Hozumi REALLY loves swimming and being surrounded by water, to the point one of the things he dislikes is 'being on land'. While his club has another talented swimmer, Hozumi is the only person responsible for the swimming club's medals.

Other than swimming, Hozumi is not really interested in anything else, usually looking stoic to anything that isn't related to water or swimming.



Itto Takatenjin

Hozumi shares a love of swimming with Itto, making them close friends. They are often seen together, alongside the rest of the Swimming Club. Hozumi cares about the well-being of Itto, as seen in the ACTORS -Drama Edition- East when he gives Itto his hoodie and some hot tea after the both of them 'swam' in the cold sea. In the same track, they go to an aquarium Hozumi gets splashed by water because of a dolphin. Despite being the one who suffered from the splash, he asks if Itto is alright.

Likes and Interests

  • Rice cracker
  • Swimming



  • The name Hozumi means "grain" (穂) (ho) and "volume, product (x*y), acreage, contents, pile up, stack, load, amass" (積) (zumi).
  • Hozumi's surname Uozu means "fish" (魚) (uo) and "haven, port, harbor, ferry" (津) (tsu/zu).

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