Kagetora Chono (長野 影虎 Nagano Kagetora) is the PE teacher at Tenshou Gakuen and the faculty adviser for the Japanese Culture Research club and the Track-and-Field club.

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Kagetora Chono

Kagetora has messy dark red hair that is slightly swept over to his right. The sides appear to be trimmed a shorter length and like his eyebrows they are a noticeably darker shade of red. Kagetora's eyes are dark purple and he wears a dark gray jacket with a blue stripe on either side of the zipper.

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Unlike his coworkers, Kagetora is a more strict teacher, who strongly believes in proper discipline in the classroom. This strictness also applies to his P.E. classes, which many students describe as `training hell`.

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"Don't just ignore us! Bring out the person in charge! (To the guards)

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  • Takoyaki
  • Historical

Etymology Edit

  • The name Kagetora means "shadow" (影) (kage) and "tiger" (虎) (tora).
  • Kagetora's surname Chono means "long" (長) (cho) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).
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