Kakeru Iimori (飯盛 駆 Iimori Kakeru) is a 2nd year in class B and a member of the Beautification club and Theater club.

Appearance Edit

Kakeru Iimori
Kakaeru has short plum hair that is styled short and messy towards the front and long hair towards the back, green eyes and thin eyebrows.

Kakeru wears a dark blue uniform with a green tie and white undershirt and green pants with a checkered pattern with purple clasp heeled boots.

Personality Edit

Kakeru is a serious and confident person who is quite popular among the school's students, to the point of being a ladykiller. Often seen with his headphones and handbook, little did they know it is an album with his little sister's photos. He is actually a very caring brother, but can go overboard in order to protect his sister.

While he can be hardworking, when it comes to the beautification club activities, he is often seen slacking. If Rei Ichijodani orders them, Hajime Kiriyama and Masaru Gohonmatsu will gladly drag Kakeru around to do his responsibilities within the club.

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Quotes Edit

  • "This is all thanks to you! Thank you, Hinata!" (To Hinata Mitsutsuka)
  • "I'm going to become friends with him and make my sister like me even more!" (To Hinata)
  • "I think you have to force yourself to talk to people more." (To Saku Otonomiya, Sosuke Kagura and Uta Outa)
  • "And then I shall give this piece to my beloved sister!" (To Saku, Sosuke and Uta)
  • "I want you to express these lyrics with your whole body." (To Saku)
  • "I mean, I did this because I wanted to make my sister happy!" (To Hinata)
  • "Are you a fan of them, too, president?" (To Rei Ichijodani)
  • "Ow... My lower back hurts." (To Rei and Shiro Nanao)

Likes and Interests Edit

  • My Sister's Cooking
  • My sister, stage appreciation

Etymology Edit

  • The name Kakeru means "drive" (駆).
  • Kakeru's surname Iimori means "food" (飯) (ii) and "prime" (盛) (mori).
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