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Kaoru Narugo (鳴門 郁 Narugo Kaoru) is a 2nd year in class D, the vice president of the Japanese Culture Research Club and a member of the Archery Club.


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Kaoru has long near black hair that is put up in a ponytail and purple eyes.

He wears a dark blue uniform with a green tie and a white undershirt, along with green pants having a checkered pattern and black boots with a gray sole and heel.


A Japanese boy, who has a cool atmosphere around him, but will often talk about odd/weird things. Kaoru has no problem going along Minori's antics if he is interested.

Surprisingly, he has a huge sweet tooth, always carrying any type of sweets with him.



Ushio Azabu

Kaoru and Ushio get into arguments quite a bit, surrounding Kaoru's sweet tooth and Ushio's obsession with only consuming Japanese things. These arguments come from a good place with both of them thinking their ideals will benefit one another.

Minori Shido

Kaoru is Minori's friend and one of the few who isn't bothered by his antics, often joining in if interested. They share a love for sweets, often bothering Ushio about it. They both also often poke fun at Ushio together.

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Likes and Interests

  • Favorite: Sweets
  • What I like: Something unusual
  • What I'm not good at: Small animals


  • "You shouldn't fight. It increases aggravation, making you unable to think things through rationally." (To Saku Otonomiya and Hinata Mitsutsuka)
  • "That's usually how fights with friends are." (To Saku)
  • "Have you ever heard of "mixtures"?" (To Ushio Azabu)
  • "That is indeed tea, but it's actually black tea." (To Ushio)
  • "The contrary is also true. Question the ordinary!" (To Ushio)
  • "Those mean the exact same thing." (To Ushio)
  • "Hurry! There's no time!" (To Ushio and Koya Ashihara)


  • The name Kaoru means "cultural progress, perfume" (郁).
  • Kaoru's surname Narugo means "ringing" (鳴) (naru) and "gate" (門) (go).