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Kippei Uwajima (宇和島 麒平 Uwajima Kippei) is a 1st year, class B, and a member of the Beautification Club and Going-Home Club.'


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Kippei is a rather clumsy and dim-witted person and has a hard time listening to others due to his absent mind. He still remains cheerful and joined the Beautification Club to improve himself.

Despite how he looks, he used to be a big delinquent in middle school and beat up thirty rivals on his own. He didn't enjoy this, however, and this is another reason that he yearns to improve himself.

Much to the chargain of his friends, he enjoys pranks and terrorizes them with a leaf blower.



Yuto Nijo

Out of the Nijo twins, Kippei is closer to Yuto, mostly due to the fact they're both in the Beautification Club. Yuto is especially concerned about Kippei's middle school past, mostly because it makes him anxious about what Satoru is going to get himself into in the future.

Gin Kunishima

Gin and Kippei have known eachother since before the events of ACTORS, and used to be ex-delinquents together in middle school. They were very happy to reunite with eachother in high school. Together, they work to repair the twins' relationship with eachother. They are both members of the Going-Home Club.

Satoru Nijo

Kippei is part of the Going-Home Club with Satoru. While not as close to him as Gin or Yuuto, they're still friends and hang out with eachother a lot.

Likes and Interests

  • Convenience Store Chicken
  • Bike


  • The name Kippei means "Chinese unicorn, genius, giraffe, bright, shining" (麒) (kip) and "flat, broad, level, even, peaceful" (平) (hei/pei).
  • Kippei's surname Uwajima means "eaves, roof, house, heaven" (宇) (u), "harmony, peace" (和) (wa) and "island" (島) (shima/jima).

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