Konishi is a former security guard at Tensho Gakuen, after having to drop out of middle school and a rival of Ryo Saotome.

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Konishi has brown eyes and short brown hair with a long section of hair that covers the right side of his face and an unshaved beard.

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Ryo Saotome Edit

Konishi has had a strong hatred for Ryo ever since he asked for Ryo's advice on a jacket in a local store. He took his anger out on Ryo, but was stopped by Satsuma explaining to him that Ryo has a sense of bad fashion. Konishi and Ryo make up after the incident of cat's being abused.

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Konishi Image Gallery

Quotes Edit

"There are too many eyes here." (To Ryo)

"Which would I look the coolest in?" (To Ryo)

"I won't be satisfied until I get my revenge!" (To Ryo)

"I'll beat the crap out of you and your precious cats!" (To Ryo)

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