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Masaru Gohonmatsu (五本松 大 Dai Gohonmatsu) is a 1st year, class A, and member of the Beautification Club.


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He has messy dark brown hair where his fringe is of varied lengths. Masaru has arched black eyebrows above his orange brown eyes.

His school uniform consists of a navy blue jacket over a white shirt with the red ties worn loose. In addition he wears chequered brown pants and yellow laced, mixed near black and gray sneakers.


A very loyal and strong 1st grader, Masaru, alongside Hajime, will gladly follow any orders Rei gives to them, including carrying his sempai around around to force him into doing his work. He strongly believes that the president orders are to followed.



Hajime Kiriyama

Hajime and Masaru are both clubmates that praise and extremely admire their senpai, Rei Ichijodani, and follow his commands no matter what. Their relationship goes beyond that, though. They're very fond of eachother, living with eachother and finishing eachother's sentences.

They're also very dramatic when it comes to eachother. In one of the dramas, Hajime gets buried under clutter when they open a storage closet and Masaru is devastated and overly-dramatic about the accident, asking if Hajime is alive. In another, when Kippei Uwajima uses a leaf blower on his friends, Hajime gets blown away and Masaru runs after him and shouts his name.

Masaru offered that they both join the American Football Club together, despite Hajime being horrible at sports, when they first found out about clubs.

Rei Ichijodani

Masaru greatly admires Rei and follows his orders no matter what, along with Hajime. One of the reasons he admires Rei so much is that he didn't think anyone was better at cleaning than him before meeting Rei.

Rei scouted both Masaru and Hajime for the Beautification Club.

Kakeru Iimori

Ordered by Rei, Masaru has to frequently carry Kakeru around like mikoshi (portable shrine) in order for him to do his club work. Their relationship isn't all so bad, though, as he calls Kakeru by his first name ("kakeru-san") and admires him. He says that he considers carrying Kakeru around as his hobby, much to his dismay.

Likes and Interests

  • Favorite food: Karaague (Fried Chicken)
  • Likes: American Football And Organizing


  • The name Masaru means "big, great" (大).
  • Masaru's surname Gohonmatsu means "five" (五) (go), "base, root, origin" (本) (hon) and "pine tree, fir tree" (松) (matsu).

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