Minori Shido (志戸 穂 Shido Minori) is a 1st year, class C, and member of the Japanese Culture Research Club and Tea Ceremony Club.

Appearance Edit

Minori Shido
He has long light yellow hair that is somewhat curled. Over his pale brown colored eyes, Minori wears pale blue, almost oval framed glasses.

For clothing he wears a navy blue jacket over a long sleeved beige cardigan that also covers his thighs. He wears chequered brown pants and brown laceless shoes.

Personality Edit

Unlike his gentle and tender looks, Minori is actually a huge pervert, who will often, and gladly, talk about boobs, much to Ushio's dismay. Kaoru will often go along with his antics.

He also enjoys playing games, alongside Chiguma and Rei.

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Quotes Edit

"Saotome's such a great guy..." (To self)

"I'm going to standby until it's time for the girls' team to go change." (To Chiguma)

"Seriously! Not to mention, I can see all the boobies I want in this game!" (To KC/Keishi)

Likes and Interests Edit

  • Japanese sweets
  • Online game
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