Mitsuki Akika (鑑香 水月 Akika Mitsuki) is a 3rd year, class C student, and the Singing Club president. He created the singing club and recruited its first members. He's an inquisitive person who others have a difficult time pinning down. Outside of club activities, he often plays with the PC. He has one older brother, and he runs an app development company with his brother, and he collects information in the school in secret.

Appearance Edit

Mitsuki Akika
Mitsuki has long, light brown hair and teal colored eyes. Mitsuki wears a dark blue uniform that is buttoned in the middle along with a blue tie. white undershirt, dark blue pants, and dark purple shoes.

Personality Edit

Despite his mysterious aura, Mitsuki is generally a nice, reliable and responsible guy, but can be very scary when angered. Even Ryo, a near delinquent, is afraid of him and can't say no to Mitsuki.

He believes that the president's orders are absolute.

Story Introduction Edit

Episode 1 - Adagio Edit

Mitsuki is on his phone as he takes the bus to school. During a break at school he is sipping tea in the cafeteria and discusses the white wall with Washiho. Mitsuki has found the conduit to the ninth ward that he was looking for.

Episode 3 - Dolente Edit

Coming across sensei thinking aloud on a staircase, Mitsuki bows and heads on his way without another word. In the music club he supports the aim to have Saku join and leaves it for Satsuma and Ryo to handle.

Episode 4 - Abandone Edit

He has urgent news for Washiho

Relationships Edit

Washiho Usuki Edit

A teacher at his school who he candidly discusses matters with.

Hinata Mitsutsuka Edit

Satsuma Kadonooji Edit

Ryo Saotome Edit

Keishi Harumoto Edit

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Quotes Edit

"It's limited, but I have access to some information." (To Washiho)

"I'm counting on you." (To Hinata and Satsuma)

"It almost resembles Stonehenge, the ancient ruins in England, but I'm not sure what to think." (To Koya)

"You're extremely talented." (To Saku)

"You'll be going as four of the members of the Tensho School's Archaeology Club." (To Washiho)

"Let us continue tomorrow for now." (To Hinata, Ryo, and Satsuma)

"Keishi, exactly how much do you know?" (To Keishi)

"Eventually, interest will die out!" (To the club president's)

"It's because this event is only once a year... That we should be thinking about all the students as a whole!" (To the club president's)

"I'll protect this school, no matter what!" (To Keishi)

"He's a very important friend who wants to save the Tensho School just as much as we do." (To Sosuke)

Likes and Interests Edit

  • Favorite: Asian Cuisine
  • What I like: School/PC
  • What I'm not good at: Advisor to the Singing Club
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