Nozomi Otonomiya (音ノ宮 のぞみ Otonomiya Nozomi) is the older sister of Saku Otonomiya who was previously being kept in a hospital and now lives with him back home.

Appearance Edit

Nozomi has long light brown hair that is braided over her right shoulder and purple eyes.

Personality Edit

Nozomi has a very relaxed disposition and is kind to others.

Story Introduction Edit

It was Nozomi who first told Saku Otonomiya of the white spirits and how they can heal any injury when they were younger.

Some years later, Nozomi is being kept at the Tensho University Hospital where she is upright and talkative when Saku visits her to deliver some clothes as she has a drip in her arm.

Seeing the doctor arrive Nozomi answers him that she feels much better, her fever is down.

Episode 4 - Abandone Edit

The side effects of receiving further medication is that she is sleeping when Saku visits.

Relationships Edit

Saku Otonomiya Edit

Saku is Nozomi's younger brother who visits her at her hospital bed every day. She finds it very useful and thanks him for coming, telling him to be careful when he heads out for work.

Sosuke Kagura Edit

Uta Outa Edit

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Quotes Edit

"They can cure sickness and injuries if we ask them to." (To Saku Otonomiya)

"Much better. My fever is down." (To the doctor)

"I guess you can't see them." (To Saku)

"In this world, there are "white shadows" who hide in the shadows of white walls, trees, plants and buildings to watch over us and protect us." (To Saku)

"They've been watching over us since I was small." (To Saku)

"I've never seen you so animated talking about school." (To Saku)

"It's wonderful to be wanted. To be needed." (To Saku)

"I'm so glad he made some friends." (To Sosuke Kagura and Uta Outa)

"You're such lovely friends." (To Sosuke and Uta)

"If you leave a sunflower alone, it'll face the sun right?" But whenever I wake up, the flower is facing me." (To Sosuke and Uta)

"Did you have fun on your school trip?" (To Saku)

"What is it? You can't stop smiling." (To Saku)

"I wonder if God has abandoned me." (To Saku)

"You're completely different from when we first came here." (To Saku)

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