Rei Ichijodani (乗谷 羚 Ijyoda Rei) is a 3rd year, class A, and the Beautification Club's president.

Appearance Edit

Rei Ichijodani
He has dark green hair and his fringe parted to have his forehead visible. Rei has orangey red eyes with a beauty mark under his right one.

For clothing he wears a navy blue jacket held together with one button over a white shirt with a light blue tie. He also wears greenish chequered patterned pants and near black laceless shoes featuring a gray heel.

Personality Edit

As a 3rd year, Rei is cool and reliable upperclassman, to the point he is adored by many younger students at Tensho Gakuen. While he is a cool senior, he is kind of a neat freak, which is the reason he created the beautification club. He also has his silly moments, especially when cleaning his school.

While he is a serious person, one of his hobbies includes gaming (along side Chiguma and Minori), plus he used to be good friends with Takato for a reason.

Story Edit

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Mitsuki Akika Edit

Takato Kiyosu Edit

Rei used to be best friends with Takato during their first year and even used to pick up women with Takato.

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Rei Ichijodani Image Gallery

Quotes Edit

"Who had the nerve to leave a cat food tin here?" (To self)

"Don't run around the school with your filthy paws!" (To Minori as a cat)

"Ryo Saotome, was it you that has been feeding these cats?" (To Ryo)

"I'm pretty sure the songs or cosplays from the various clubs would be enough of an attraction." (To Mitsuki)

"We want to make that the spotlight for this year's event." (To Saku, Sosuke, and Uta)

"We have a right to an education!" (To the guards)

Likes and Interests Edit

  • Yogurt
  • Perfect
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