Ryo Saotome (五月女 燎 Ryo Saotome) is a 3rd year, Class B, and Singing Club Vice President. He is always being put out by Satsumi.

Appearance Edit

Ryo Saotome
Ryo has long yellow hair reaching down to his shoulders with dark brown eyes. Ryo wears a necklace shaped tag around his neck and a dark blue uniform with a white undershirt that is worn unbuttoned at the top. Also dark green pants and tan shoes with white laces.

Personality Edit

Ryo's glowering facial expression gives way to his personality. In keeping with a school delinquent including a rough manner of speech, being hot blooded and having an unkept appearance. He skips class without a care, receives terrible grades, the list goes on. Despite all this, he is a huge animal lover, freaking out about how cute cats are and is quite friendly if not angered. Ryo also has no problem asking for forgiveness, especially when Mitsuki is not happy and will gladly declare his stubborn kohai as his 'little brother'. He also shows soft tender moments.

Story Introduction Edit

Ryo is fanning himself with a magazine before having the wording of his language analysed by Satsuma. Contemplating it for a moment, he then states that it is not the issue here before asking if it is any way to speak to him. He is touched by the emotional feeling of the song Hinata shares with him.

With Saku joining the singing club discussed more, Ryo thinks it should be easy then as Hinata sets about having him involved.

Episode 3 - Dolente Edit

In the clubroom he advises Hinata to be more assertive in attempting to get Saku to join the music club. He meets Saku in person after accidentally bumping into him on the stairway.

Episode 4 - Abandone Edit

Having discovered Saku's fondness for cats, Ryo has deemed it a good idea to acquire cat related items, and dress himself in a giant cat suit.

Relationships Edit

Hinata Mitsutsuka Edit

A member of the singing club who is keen to bring in a new member.

Satsuma Kadonooji Edit

Also in the singing club, they exchange some casual bickering but get along fine.

Saku Otonomiya Edit

He hears about Saku first from Hinata before learning his name and supports the decision to have him involved with the club.

Sosuke Kagura Edit

Uta Outa Edit

Chiguma Marume Edit

Washiho Usuki Edit

A teacher at his school.

Konishi Edit

Though Ryo saw Konishi as a friend of his, Konishi has held a strong grudge against Ryo ever since he asked for Ryo's advice on a jacket in a local store. Ryo was taken by Konishi's anger, but was later stopped by Satsuma explaining to Konishi that Ryo has a sense of bad fashion. Ryo and Konishi make up after the incident of cat's being abused.

Image Gallery Edit

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Quotes Edit

"Wait a minute! That's not the issue here!" (To Satsuma)

"It's got a lot of feeling." (To Hinata and Satsuma)

"Are you... eating cat food for lunch?" (To Saku)

"The Singing Club welcomes your overflowing passion with open arms!" (To Saku)

"Don't get caught again, okay?" (To Minori as a cat)

"I didn't know he had such a versatile voice." (To Hinata about Saku)

"You have such a powerful voice!" (To Saku)

"Don't you ever say something like that in front of me again!" (To Satsuma)

"I don't care what happens to me... Just don't hurt the cats..." (To Konishi)

"You looked super cute without your glasses." (To Satsuma)

"Don't "Whoa!" me. Where are you seeing them?" (To Saku)

"You jerk. Do you really have to bring that to right now?" (To Satsuma)

Likes and Interests Edit

  • Favorite Food: Manju (steamed bun)
  • Likes: Exercise
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