Satoru Nijo (二条 佐斗流 Nijo Satoru) is a 1st year, class C, and member of the Going-Home Club. His older twin brother is Yuto Nijo.

Appearance Edit

Satoru Nijo
Much like his older brother, Satoru carries a beauty mark under his mouth on the left side of his face. The hairline for his dark ash blond hair allows his fringe to be somewhat symmetrical on the left and right of his face. He has long eyebrows above his dark green eyes, and his left ear has helix and lobe piercings.

His clothing consists of a navy blue jacket that has the sleeves rolled up, over a darker blue undershirt. In addition to chequered brown pants and mixed dark blue and green colored shoes.

Personality Edit

Unlike his brother, Satoru is your typical deliquent, bad attitude, hot headed, harsh speech, skips classes, flashy looks, and so on. Despite his looks and attitude, he is actually very smart.

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Relationships Edit

Yuto Nijo Edit

Satoru's older twin brother. While Satoru does not hate him, due to their opposite personalities, they don't get along very well.

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Satoru Nijo Image Gallery

Quotes Edit

"Cats? I like cats. Want to see mine?" (To Ryo)

"What the heck was that all about." (To self)

Likes and Interests Edit

  • Favorite Food: Tea
  • Likes: Silver jewellery
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