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Satoru Nijo (二条 佐斗流 Nijō Satoru) is a 1st year in class C and a member of the Going-Home Club.


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Much like Yuto Nijo, Satoru carries a beauty mark under his mouth on the left side of his face. The hairline for his dark ash blond hair allows his fringe to be somewhat symmetrical on the left and right of his face. He has long eyebrows above his dark green eyes, and his left ear has helix and lobe piercings.

His clothing consists of a navy blue jacket that has the sleeves rolled up, over a darker blue undershirt. In addition to checkered brown pants and mixed dark blue and green colored shoes.

As expected from the twins, Satoru looks very similar to Yuto, with Kippei Uwajima getting them mixed up when they first met.


Unlike his brother, Satoru is your typical delinquent, bad attitude, hot headed, harsh speech, skips classes, flashy looks and so on. He isn't all that bad however, spending his time with the rest of the Going-Home Club and seemingly enjoying himself.

Despite his looks and attitude, he is actually very smart.



Yuto Nijo

Yuto is Satoru's older twin brother. While Satoru does not hate him, due to their opposite personalities, they don't get along very well.

It's shown that they were very close when they were younger before Satoru split off from him for unknown reason. However, with the help of Gin and Kippei, the twins have gotten slightly closer and on their way of repairing their past relationship.

Satoru seems to have trouble with the family dynamic in general, not just with Yuto. He left home and hasn't contacted anyone related to his family.

He does genuinely cares about Yuto, getting enraged when told a bunch of older kids took Yuto and were going to hurt him (a lie told by Gin to show that Satoru still cares), but refuses to admit it.

Gin Kunishima

As fellow members of the Going-Home Club, Gin is a friend of Satoru and he is much closer to Satoru than he would like to admit. Satoru considers Gin his closest friend and "friend of his heart", which he quickly takes back when Kippei approaches them. They frequently meet outside of school and go to places together. Similar to Mike Enjoji and Kai Akizuki's dynamic, Satoru is generally very annoyed with Gin and compares him to a dog. Along with Kippei, Gin is trying to amend Satoru's relationship with Yuto.

Satoru envisions Gin when he sees a shibu-inu, which Gin is associated with. This results with him punching the window in annoyance.

Satoru nicknames Gin "Shibaken".

Kippei Uwajima

Kippei is part of the Going-Home Club with Satoru. While not as close to him as Gin, they're still friends and hang out with eachother a lot. Along with Gin, he is trying to help repair the twin's relationships.

Likes and Interests

  • Favorite Food: Tea
  • Likes: Silver jewelry


  • "Cats? I like cats. Want to see mine?" (To Ryo Saotome)
  • "What the heck was that all about." (To self)


  • The name Satoru means "help, aid" (佐) (sa), "Dipper" (斗) (to) and "flow, style, manner, method" (流) (ru).
  • Satoru's surname Nijo means "two" (二) (ni) and "article" (条) (jo).

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