Seijun Yuyama (湯山 靖隼 Yuyama Seijun)is a 2nd year, class D, and Broadcasting Club's vice president.

Appearance Edit

Seijun Yuyama
He has medium length hair which keeps his ears showing, and dark red eyes.

Seijun wears the school uniform with a dark green tie, chequered darker green pants and black boots.

Personality Edit

Unlike the broadcasting club's president, Seijun is a very quiet, calm and reserved person. He is the one to put some sense to Koya's antics.

As the DJ of the broadcasting club, he enjoys music, especially techno, and likes to collect records.

Despite his more calm personality, he is part of Chiguma's fanclub, and will act like a fanboy whenever he sees or interacts with him.

Story Introduction Edit

Episode 4 - Abandone Edit

Seijun is filming Koya as they both investigate the appearance of stones and report it on the news. He then witnesses a white spirit appearing when Sosuke and Uta begin singing.

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Koya Ashihara Edit

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Seijun Yuyama Image Gallery

Likes and Interests Edit

Favorite: Ramen

What I Like: Techno Music and Record Collection

What I'm not good at: Making a fuss and bitter vegetables

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