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Shiro Nanao (七尾 士狼 Nanao Shiwolf) is a 2nd year in class B and a member of the Beautification Club.


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Shiro is a fashionable guy who loves dancing and wants to be seen as 'cool' instead of 'cute', but loves reading shoujo manga. He has a rather flashy appearance has has been said that he joined the beautification club to clean windows so he can see his reflection.

While he dislikes horror manga, he is fine with scary things in general, to the point of being fine with telling ghost stories.



Kakeru Iimori

Shiro is another close friend of Kakeru whom Kakeru talks about his sister about, similar to Hinata. However, unlike Hinata, Shiro is much harsher about Kakeru's sister complex and openly berates him for it. Shiro also frequently texts Kakeru's sister, something that they also get into fights about. Besides all the sister stuff, they get along well.

Likes and Interests

  • Favorite Food: Sausage
  • Likes: Dance


  • The name Shiro as whole means "wolf" (士狼). The individual characters mean "warrior, scholar, knight, paladin" (士) (shi) and "wolf" (狼) (ro)
  • Shiro's surname Nanao means "seven" (七) (nana) and "tail" (尾) (o).

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