Sosuke Kagura (神樂 蒼介 Kagura Sousuke) is a 1st year, class B student, and is not part of any club. He is the composer of the group and susses out usable material from Uta Outa's poetry.

Appearance Edit

Sosuke Kagura
Sosuke has short spiked greenish gray hair and blue eyes. Sosuke usually wears a pair of blue, black and white headphones, a dark blue uniform with a red tie and a white undershirt. A brown belt helps support brown pants, and he also wears black laceless shoes. He is always wearing his blue headphones

Personality Edit

He has a serious streak especially when it comes to music but only done out of practicality. Whilst in thought he bluntly told Uta to shut up whilst he was singing 'Volcano' repeatedly. He was reluctant to not share the 'Cloudy Days' song only because it was challenging to cover but this reversed to complete support when hearing someone who could actually sing the song. His no nonsense approach is just one facet of his character, Sosuke shows kindness by offering Kai a snack to working camaraderie right away in arranging for them to write songs together and enjoy doing so. He is attentive to making sure Uta's clothes were okay, to ensuring that Saku himself was fine after falling unconscious. He can be just as lively as Uta when it comes to things like curry and is overall very supportive of people.

Story Edit

Episode 1 - Adagio Edit

Sosuke is sat in class when new student Saku is introduced. Passing Kai and Mike in the corridor he calls Uta on his phone. On the school roof he finds Saku there eating alone. He shares that Kai was looking for him before stating that Saku probably has no idea who he himself is.

He visits the music club to meet Hinata who would like to use one of his songs.

Walking back after school he comes across Saku singing 'Cloudy Day' and is very impressed to hear him sing a song he wrote, and so well.

The next time he joins Saku on the rooftop he introduces Uta.

Episode 2 - Con brio Edit

He brings Uta with him to the curry restaurant where Saku works and instigates a plan for him and Uta to write a song for Saku to sing.

Sosuke listens as Kai challenges Saku to a curry contest.

As they wait for Saku's arrival on the mini bus to the beach where their field trip is to take place, Sosuke wonders what Saku is doing and whether he ditched out.

Though at first he tries to gain Uta and his clothes back when he runs to enjoy the ocean, Sosuke then joins him in the water when Mike runs into the ocean as well.

With everyone else he loves the curry both Kai and Saku made.

When Saku is retrieved from the water after heading out in a dingy it is Sosuke who performs CPR on him to make him regain consciousness.

Episode 3 - Dolente Edit

At school he tells Saku that he should join the singing club so he would feel better about his songs being used. Along with Uta, Hinata and Satsuma they join Saku at the restaurant he works at and shares details of a singing competition.

Joining Saku on the school top roof they discuss creating a band if Saku does not want to join the singing club.

Episode 4 - Abandone Edit

Arriving at school he is greeted by Uta, he feels they were growing closer towards Saku before voicing that he dropped them out of nowhere.

In a store, he notices Saku outside entering the hospital. Offering to help him find some of the white shadows, he researches them online before calling to get Uta involved. The three of them use sightings on the internet to search for them.

Whilst singing he notices a white ghost appear and assumes that singing was responsible for its presence.

Relationships Edit

Uta Outa Edit

A close friend of his, one who can create lyrics from the music he produces. He keeps in close contact with him speaking to Uta via phone, and working together in helping Saku with singing. Sosuke enthusiastically supports Uta's songwriting claiming when his switch is on his lyrics just flow. Sosuke is occasionally irked by Uta's keenness, such as singing 'volcano' repeatedly but soon after orders curry for him at once hearing how hungry he is. He tries to retrieve Uta's clothes he abruptly threw in the air to land onto the sand when Uta ran into the sea.

He visualises him when Sosuke declines to join the investigation into the sudden appearance of stones.

Saku Otonomiya Edit

A new student in his class, Sosuke comes across him eating alone and offers him more to eat. He is keen on Saku's singing after coming across a rendition of a song he wrote 'Cloudy Days'. He and Uta composed a song for Saku and is also a member of their unit called Sakutasuke.

Kai Akizuki Edit

They attended a field trip to the white wall together. Sosuke enjoys Kai's curry he created in a competition with Saku.

Hinata Mitsutsuka Edit

Chiguma Marume Edit

Washiho Usuki Edit

Satsuma Kadonooji Edit

Seeing this member of the music club in his class, they discuss where Saku went.

Nozomi Otonomiya Edit

He visits Saku's sister in hospital with Uta in their search for white shadows.

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Quotes Edit

"Otonomiya, right? Eating here all by yourself?" (To Saku)

"You look like you have no idea who I am." (To Saku)

"Is that all you're eating? Want one?" (To Saku)

"No worries." (To Saku)

"So you want to sing one of my songs?" (To Hinata)

"I'm more of a composer, actually. I'm not interested in clubs." (To Hinata and Satsuma)

"You're really good!" (To Saku)

"I didn't think anyone could sing it without a VOCALOID!" (To Saku)

"There's someone I want you to meet. Hey, Uta!" (To Saku)

"This is Uta Outa. He wrote the lyrics to that song." (To Saku)

"Okay, then. Ready to take the music world by storm?" (To Saku)

"What the hell is "Isopod Love"? (To Uta)

"Are you all right, Saku?" (To Saku)

"You're the only one besides a VOCALOID that can sing our songs." (To Saku)

"If you believe in them, then I do, too." (To Saku)

"Just let all your feelings out." (To Saku)

"We were able to make this song from spending time with you." (To Saku)

"Of course. I'll compose a song and Uta will write the lyrics. And you'll sing it Saku." (To Saku and Uta)

"You really are amazing." (To Saku)

"Machines just can't bring out the true potential in Saku's voice!" (To Satsuma)

"This song will be complete as soon as it reaches everyone!" (To Saku)

"Let's complete our song together!" (To Saku)

"We sort of want to concentrate on our own music." (To Mitsuki)

"You making me blush... Saying it all direct like that." (To Saku)

"But she was doing so well the other day when we came to see her!" (To the doctor)

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