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Takato Kiyosu (清洲 鷹翌 Kiyosu Takato) is a 3rd year in class D and the president of the swimming club.


Takato Kiyosu.jpg

Takato has wavy long dark blue hair and eyes with a necklace around his neck.

Takato wears a dark blue uniform and a blue tie with a white undershirt.


While Takato looks handsome and cool, he is a huge slacker who has 'nanpa' as his hobby. While an amazing swimmer, to the point of being chosen as the swimming club's captain, he would rather spend his free time trying (and failing) to pick up girls than practicing. However, he can a reliable senpai to his juniors when necessary.

While he looks cool, he is actually terrified of ghost stories to the point he would run away crying while listening to one.



Rei Ichijodani

Takato used to be best friends with Rei during their first year and even used to pick up women with Rei. Though they are no longer best friends, they still bicker with eachother quite a bit. Rei scolds Takato for not being a good president for his club. Though very harsh about it, Rei seems to genuinely want the Swimming Club to improve.

Itto Takatenjin

Itto is Takato's junior. They get along well, but Itto has a habit of saying rude and insensitive things about Takato. He also complains that Itto never calls him "senpai."

Hozumi Uozu

Ryunosuke Hanakuma

Ryunosuke is the vice president of the Swimming Club. As the calmer one of the two, Ryunosuke is the one who keeps Takato grounded. He is also Takato's current best friend and partner in nanpa. Ryunosuke also enjoys poking fun at Takato about his fear of ghost stories, encouraging others to tell ghost stories or go more in depth about ghosts or other strange beings. He also says that he does nanpa with Takato because it's fun to see if he can still pick up girls while having the disadvantage of Takato being there. Ryunosuke, like Rei, also wants Takato to earn more points for their club.

Likes and Interests

  • Chocolate
  • Girls


  • "What does preference have to do with that at all?" (To Itto Takatenjin)
  • "I can't tell if he's a genius or an idiot." (To self about Itto)
  • "Not to mention, an original song?" (To Mitsuki Akika)


  • The name Takato means "hawk, falcon" (鷹) (taka) and "next/next time, the following" (翌) (to).
  • Takato's surname Kiyosu means "clear, pure, clean" (清) (kiyo) and "continent, sandbar, island, country" (洲) (su).

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