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Tamotsu Araki (新木 完 Araki Tamotsu) is a 1st year in class A and a member of the Kendo Club.


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Tamotsu has light brown, top heavy hair with the sides coming down past his dark red eyes, yet still keeping his ears visible.

For clothing, Tamotsu wears a uniform consisting of a navy blue jacket held together with one button. This is worn over a long sleeved white undershirt with a red tie as well as checkered brown pants and brown shoes.


Because of Tamotsu's short height and cute face, his mother and sister often treated him like a girl, even though he did not like it. He doesn't like being called cute. Other than that, he is an upbeat person.

In order to be seen more like a man, Tamotsu joined the Kendo club.



Ushio Azabu

Tamotsu greatly admires Ushio as a senpai and is extremely dedicated to him to the point of fawning over the pictures he has of him and showing his friends. He has an exaggerated view of him and is oblivious to what Ushio actually acts like.

Tamotsu has also begged Ushio to let him join the Japanese Culture Research Club, which Ushio refuses since he does not want Tamotsu to be near the rest of his clubmates.

Masaru Gohonmatsu and Hajime Kiriyama

Tamotsu is good friends with Masaru and Hajime, and they affectionately nickname him "Arakan." They all eat lunch together from time and time. Masaru and Hajime try to help Tamotsu when they can, such as carrying him up when he had trouble erasing the whiteboard due to his height.

Yuto Nijo

Yuto and Tamotsu are members of the Kendo Club. Yuto thinks Tamotsu dream of getting a manlier body is hilarious, but quickly takes those words back whenever Tamotsu gets angered. However, Yuto is happy for Tamotsu when he took a day and Ushio said that Tamotsu was more earnest than anyone else.


Likes and Interests

  • Favorite food: Soba
  • Likes: Training


  • The name Tamotsu means "complete/completion, perfect, finish, end" (完).
  • Tamotsu's surname Araki means "fresh, new" (新) (ara) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki).

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