Ushio Azabu (麻布 汐 Azabu Ushio) is a 3rd year, class A, Japanese Culture Research Club's president and member of the Kendo Club.

Appearance Edit

Ushio Azabu
He has medium length purple hair reaching his chin line. The fringe is relatively even across, but not trimmed straight across above his purple eyes where he has a black mole near his left eye.

Ushio wears a dark blue uniform with a blue tie and a white undershirt, along with dark gray pants having a checkered pattern and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

As the president of the Japanese Culture Research club, Ushio has a lot of appreciation towards traditional Japanese culture, even scolding Kaoru for eating western sweets instead of Japanese ones. He does his best to be a reliable and respected senior, but is often enraged by Kaoru's and Minori's antics.

While he is a rather serious person, he is honest with his feelings and quick to show them. For instance, he cried when his club member bumped into his Morning Glories.

He is unable to use any sort of technology, often breaking it due to a mix of frustration and being unaware on how use it properly.

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Kaoru Narugo Edit

He does react well to the vice president of the Japanese Culture Research Club's antics.

Minori Shido Edit

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Ushio Azabu Image Gallery

Quotes Edit

"The friendship between men has always been a passionate legacy in Japan. And you are doing everything you can to conserve this legacy... You are truly the epitome of a Japanese gentleman!" (To Saku)

"Kaoru, you should learn from him!" (To Kaoru)

"Stop using these foreign words that are hard to understand." (To Kaoru)

"You dare deceive me!" (To Kaoru)

"Nay, I do not see the Japanese sunrise beyond those horizons!" (To Kaoru)

"Are you betraying us or committing treason?" (To the guards)

"Quit complaining and start climbing!" (To Koya)

Likes and Interests Edit

  • Favorite food: Vegetarian food
  • What I like: A Tour of the Famous Sites
  • What I'm not good at: Electronic equipment in general
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