Washiho Usuki (臼杵 鷲帆 Usuki Washiho) is a teacher at Tenshou Gakuen. He teaches Geography and is the Archeology Club's faculty adviser.

Appearance Edit

He has long black hair largely unkept but tied at the back. The front area is wavy and reaches below his chin where he has a trimmed beard. Washiho wears black rimmed glasses over his gray eyes.

Personality Edit

Washiho is a very laid back person, which also reflects in the way his students refer to him (all students refer to him by his first name) and also on how he acts as the archeology club's faculty adviser, often giving the club points even for small chores.

While laid back, he is very serious about archeology, exploration and helping Mitsuki discover mystery's related to the school.

Story Edit

Episode 1 - Adagio Edit

At the school cafeteria he speaks to Mitsuki who is sat nearby as they discuss not directly somewhat confidential information concerning the white wall,

Episode 2 - Con brio Edit

Washiho waits for Saku to arrive before driving the mini bus to the beach where they are to study the wall.

Arriving there he explains the background of their visit but the explanation falls apart when the students head to play in the sea, and prepare a curry contest. With that occurring Washiho investigates an underground abandoned structure. Coming to a door he opens it to find an exit to the beach, before looking behind to discover that the door and way he came is no longer there.

Episode 3 - Dolente Edit

At school he considers the door disappearing.

Episode 4 - Abandone Edit

Having been drinking in the lab, he is informed of some important news. He means to investigate the sudden appearance of stones that have appeared. Washiho apparently did not witness the white spirit appearing when Sosuke and Uta's singing caused one to appear.

Relationships Edit

Mitsuki Akika Edit

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Quotes Edit

"Understood. Please continue your research." (To Mitsuki)

"Research is a solitary endeavor." (To Chiguma)

"Wait, did you guys see something?" (To Mike and Kai)

"We're gonna make a break for it!" (To Chiguma and Kai)

"Thank goodness. I'm glad you're okay." (To Mike)

"Those suits look great on you." (To the security guards)

Likes and Interests Edit

  • Alcohol
  • Exploration and Archaeology
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