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Yoshiwara Lament is a song composed by Asa that featured Yuki Ono. It was covered by Mike Enjoji in Actors 4.


English Lyrics:

i am Mitsuse

And I am

A Yoshiwara escort

There's a veil of twilight

That's closing on the city

Hiding all of Edo

Til it can't be seen

So I face the mirror

Put away my pride

And I fix my make up

Til I'm ready for the night

I've always longed to

Become a perfect flower

Sparkling orange petals

The dream was so pure

But before I knew it

I turned to azure

But that doesn't mean I

Don't have any worth

I only wanted to blossom for one and one alone

But the wheels of destiny began to turn

And fate decided to take my freedom away

In love you only find they're lies

They've come to take you in the night like a storm

And today the rain is filling up my heart

Because in Yoshiwara when it rains it pours

So if you would

Please take me for the night kind sir

As the rain continues pouring

Down from the sky

Umbrellas that open in the night

Catch the rain

I am so like

Upon this night...

English lyrics performed by Daman Mills in episode 7 of the anime.