Yuto Nijo (二条 佑斗 Yuto Nijo) is a 1st year, class B, member of the Beatification club and Kendo Club. His younger twin brother is Satoru Nijo.

Appearance Edit

Yuto Nijo
Yuto carries a beauty mark that lies under his mouth on the right side of his face. His hair can appear as metallic black in coloration, his thin eyebrows completely black and he has dark green eyes.

For clothing he wears a navy blue jacket over a white collared shirt with a red tie reaching down to his black belt featuring a silver buckle. He also wears brown chequered pants and metallic green, laceless shoes.

Personality Edit

Serious, dedicated and a little anxious, Yuto is the older brother and more responsible of the Nijo Twins. Despite his serious looks, his favorite activity within the beautification club is actually gardening.

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Relationships Edit

Satoru Nijo Edit

Yuto's younger twin brother. While they don't hate each other, due to their opposite personalities, they don't get along very well.

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Yuto Nijo Image Gallery

Likes and Interests Edit

  • Favorite food:Okonomiyaki
  • Likes: Gardening
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